Artist creates sinister series of installations that explore the concept of 'home'

Suburban is the latest series of installations by Ian Strange – the documentation of which was recently showcased in a pop-up exhibition at Standard Practice Gallery. The Brooklyn-based Australian artist is well-known for his large-scale works, including Landed (2014), which was positioned on the forecourt of the Art Gallery of South Australia.

The Suburban exhibition comprises eight photographs and a video installation, each documenting two years of work that focuses on the concepts of architecture, space and the home.

For the project, Strange defaces a series of suburban houses in Ohio, Detroit, Alabama, New Jersey, New York and New Hampshire, using paint, exterior design and even fire. The photographs and videos showcase the results of the artist's activity – carefully documented alongside his team.

Strange has previously held solo exhibitions at the National Gallery of Victoria, (Suburban, 2011-2013) and The Canterbury Museum (Final Act, 2013). His photography has also been featured in numerous magazines, from Dazed and Confused to The Financial Review. To see more of Ian's work, visit


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