Architect turned artist literally peels and pinches the walls of a New York gallery

In his first American solo show, Turkish architect turned sculptor, Mehmet Ali Uysal (Mali), has peeled and pinched the walls of the Sapar Contemporary gallery in New York City.

Deceptively simple, Mail's installations capture an improbable balance between movement and stillness, gravity and ephemerality. His outdoor work Skin 2, a giant clothes peg pinching the grass, is included in the top 10 public works of all time by the UK’s Independent newspaper.

His indoor series Peel is about creating an illusion of peeling the walls of a space and exposing what lies beyond them, as he has done in Sapar's new gallery space in Tribeca. In the gallery's own words: "Internationally recognised for his playful reevaluations of the white cube, Uysal has transformed the space into a whimsical three-dimensional sculpture that poses subtle yet forceful questions about physical and emotional boundaries, both concrete and metaphysical—and about being at home in one’s own skin."

On show at Sapar Contemporary until 19th June 2016. Discover more at


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