The Free Life: Analogue photography that tells the story of female skateboarders

The Free Life encompasses those moments when you step away from digital devices and decide to live in the real world. As a photographer, Hannah Bailey has always opted to shoot analogue and, inspired by the present and inspirational nature of skateboarding, she has captured stories of women who get on boards.

Her latest project is The Free Life magazine, which brings together a crew of female creatives with a passion for action sports to collaborate and story-tell. Through the magazine they present the inspirational role models that exist in action sports and adventure, and hope to produce an example of positive media for women and girls to live by.

For her first ever solo photography show, Hannah rolls out five skate stories captured by her analogue cameras over the past four years; from London to Los Angeles, Copenhagen to Crawley. Taking over the Lomography Gallery Store Soho from 9th June until 18th July 2016.

Via direct submission | All images courtesy of Hannah Bailey


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