Fine Collection from G . F Smith: A showcase of the finest papers for photographic print

In a world of fleeting moments and digital ephemera, the permanence and tactile reality of paper have never held more value or had more impact. Now, with the release of the Fine Collection, paper specialist G . F Smith and creative studio Made Thought pay tribute to and remind us of the physical and textural power of paper.

All images courtesy of G . F Smith

All images courtesy of G . F Smith

Over the course of its 128 pages, the simple reference book features eight of G . F Smith’s finest papers, making it an invaluable decision-making resource for print designers tasked with paper selection, eliminating the need to sift through the usual ‘studio sprawl’ of swatches, sample books and other print references.

But this is no ordinary reference tool. In keeping with G . F Smith’s role as the paper curator for the creative industries, the Fine Collection also tells a crowd-sourced and colour-sequenced story in imagery. It has included specially selected photographs provided by a global network of talented collaborators – professional and amateur. Using a broad and eclectic spectrum of images offers a much more realistic representation of paper use than employing the work of an individual artist. This sincere, democratic and of-the-moment approach accurately reflects the real-world application of each paper when used for photographic print.

More than 10,000 images were submitted for consideration and showcased on, automatically sequenced by colour. Of these, 66 were chosen for inclusion. Each paper type features eight images, thus offering a practical demonstration of each paper’s print performance, as well as an eyeful of inspiring photography, and turning the book from a simple design resource to a creative artefact in its own right.


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