Whirlwind of Time: Mesmerising abstract artworks hand drawn using ballpoint pens

UK artists Kai and Sunny are renowned for their immaculate abstract line and dot works. The London duo have used their distinctive style to create stunning artworks for international gallery exhibitions, bespoke prints for high profile clients including Nike and Alexander McQueen, and beautiful book covers for best-selling authors such as Malcolm Gladwell and Fay Weldon.

On 3rd March 2016 they will exhibit their latest collection of line drawings – their fourth solo show entitled Whirlwind of Time at Stolen Space gallery in London. The series is inspired by geometric patterns in nature including complex star and flower motifs, and features dramatic sweeping effects that give the images a sense of intense speed and fluid movement. Their incredible intricacy makes the final pieces look almost digital, when in fact they are delicately hand drawn using different coloured ballpoint pens.

The show will also feature a story by bestselling novelist and regular collaborator, David Mitchell. Kai and Sunny have created some of Mitchell’s most iconic cover looks and for this exhibition Mitchell has penned a short story titled ‘My Eye On You’, in response to the works.

Find out more about their work at KaiandSunny.com. Or visit www.stolenspace.com to find out more about the gallery.

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