365 Street Portraits: Daily street photography project that aims to connect with Londoners

In her series 365 Street Portraits, London-based Polish photographer Iwona Pinkowicz has set herself the challenge of taking an intimate street portrait every single day, capturing a diverse and interesting mix of people as they go about their daily lives in London.

Via direct submission

Via direct submission

She explained: "After spending some time secretly photographing people on the street, I decided that I wanted to interact with my subjects and learn something about them before taking more intimate photos. And that’s how the idea of 365 Street Portraits was born. I believe that many people in today’s world, particularly in cities, tend to get caught up in the fast pace of life and rarely spare time to interact with one another. I wanted to change that for myself and use photography as a vehicle to achieve it.

"I have been shooting every single day since the beginning of January and have met a rich variety of people so far. I’ve also been quite taken aback and pleasantly surprised by how open and willing most people have been to having their portrait taken."

If you love these portraits, you can discover more on her website at www.iwonapinkowicz.com. Or follow her latest work on Instagram.


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