We Are The Mods: Uncovering Britain's most stylish subculture

The influence of 'Mod' culture on British fashion is perhaps unrivalled in its importance. Elements of the sixties trend can be found in details of almost every staple garment – from collars to cuffs and waistbands in both men and women's wear.

Via direct submission

Via direct submission

Although the movement is over 50 years old, the British subculture has not yet been resigned to the history books. It's very much alive and well.

Hong Kong-based photographer Barney McCann has travelled the length and breadth of Britain photographing people who define themselves as a 'Mod'. "I was really interested in how such an of-the-time style might still exist now. Obviously, I had seen the odd Mod around in Camden Market or Brighton but after building connections and a few photoshoots I discovered a huge community that still held these values from such a long time ago."

The series illustrates the different personalities, groups and styles of the people who use the term to describe themselves – "ultimately they show a huge dedication to what might appear to be a really bizarre subculture."

The photographs were taken in London, Belfast, Edinburgh, Cornwall, Newcastle, Leeds and Manchester. McCann explains: "As I started the project I got really drawn in and just couldn't resist meeting more and expanding it. It was really, really interesting. I eventually self-published a limited run book called 'The Mods', which sold out super quickly, it was great seeing people appreciate my work."

McCann is originally from London and has recently relocated to Hong Kong. He is a graduate of Central Saint Martins and is now the Creative Director of a Design Agency. You can check out The Mods here, and see more of his photography work over on www.barneymccann.com.


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