Wes Anderson-inspired sunglasses, with their very own short film

Wes Anderson has provided no shortage of creative inspiration over the years; from a swanky fashion identity to intricate papercut art to even a video about Scottish football.

Now, the director known for his distinctive brand of tweeness, intricate set design and mind-blowingly carefully framed shots has proved the inspiration for Scottish brand Tens sunglasses; specifically the brand’s new ”Spectachrome" lens, which draws on the colour palettes of movies like Moonrise Kingdom, The Royal Tenenbaums and Hotel Chevalier.

“Applying our background in photography, we’ve developed a lens that filters the colours in your view into rich emerald greens and citron tones—similar to those you’d see in vintage cinema and celluloid film,” says the brand.

The campaign accompanying the launch includes a short film produced by Tens founders Kris Reid, Marty Bell and Tom Welsh—who also feature in it—which draws heavily on Anderson’s style of filmmaking. “The four-day road-trip style shoot covered locations scouted from cult Instagram accounts such as ‘Accidentally Wes Anderson’,” the brand explains, Milan, Lake Como and Furka Pass of Switzerland.

“I think it’s fair to say acting isn’t our strong point; but we tried to combine what we do know about filmmaking and editing, along with having a pretty good time driving across Europe to create what we hope is an appropriate film tribute to the lens inspiration,” says Tens founder Tom Welsh.

The lookbook, meanwhile, was shot in the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh, where the brand was founded in 2014, and like Wes Anderson, makes use of centre-framed shots and symmetry. Tens’ first lens was billed as “an Instagram filter for real life,” and it was a friend's comment that it made her feel as though she was in a Wes Anderson movie that confirmed to the team that they’d achieved what they set out to.


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