Delicate geometric paintings inspired by the repeating patterns found in city landscapes

Buildings, infrastructure, street signs – throw them all together and you'll always find a satisfying pattern or angle to admire.

All images courtesy and copyright of Bianca Wilson

All images courtesy and copyright of Bianca Wilson

For visual artist Bianca Wilson, she doesn't just look to her home city Sydney for inspiration for her geometric paintings; she also loves to pick out the repeating manmade patterns of Japanese cities like Tokyo and Osaka.

While these patterns are the focus of her paintings, they're used merely as a starting point. "Ultimately, they're transformed and simplified into a scene much less recognisable," says Bianca.

"Colour is used decoratively rather than descriptively, with buildings tinged with pink and coral hues. This choice is purely an aesthetic one, in order to create a scene more vibrant... The result is something abstracted yet maintains enough familiarity to hold some personal connection."

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