Viva la Boobolution with an all female-produced animation about breasts

Director Hannah Lau-Walker presents all female-produced and animated short Boobs, bringing life to illustrations by the likes of Genie Espinosa and Yeye Weller and raising awareness around breast cancer.

Under the supervision of Hannah and Nexus Studios EP Julia Parfitt, each artist crafted their own unique interpretation of what boobs symbolise, creating a collection of vibrant vignettes all animated by members of the female artist community, She Drew That. The illustrators were carefully paired together with animators based on their style and approach, and the final piece was constructed and pieced together by Hannah, who founded She Drew That last year.

Commissioned by publisher Happyluja, the bold and uplifting film is part of a Kickstarter campaign to support the launch of Boobs, an art book to honour all women – and all boobs – with 100% of profits going to breast cancer charities.

"It was wonderful to be able to look through all the illustrations in the book and think about ways of bringing them to life," Hannah tells Creative Boom. "We were excited to pick a mixture of illustrations that would celebrate the diversity of the book and then bring our She Drew That community together to help evoke the essence of it."

The result is an epic collaboration of over 28 female illustrators and animators, with music delivered by female music composers Neighbourhood Jukebox at Sister Music, and production by an all-female team at Nexus Studios.

"By giving each illustration to a different animator in our community, we were able to bring each of them to life in a unique way. It's wonderful seeing the different interpretations of the illustrations and the ways that our animators have woven in their own personality and humour into their animations."

Breast cancer is still the most common cancer among women worldwide, claiming the lives of hundreds of thousands of women each year. Featuring original boob artwork donated from illustrators worldwide, the book and film aim to offer a modern take on breast cancer awareness. To catch the attention of women of all ages and backgrounds, the team have used playfulness and humour to encourage women to recognise the importance of boob health.

"To be able to support the fight against breast cancer in a creative way is really incredible," Hannah says. "I love HappyLuja's idea for the book Boobs as it's an amazing opportunity to bring illustrators together to create something beautiful for such a good cause. We at She Drew That were excited for the chance to do the same."

You can pledge support for the Boobs Kickstarter here until 17 December. The book is due to launch in March 2021.


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