An 'absurdly joyful' zine by Jack Snelling reminds us of our favourite summer munchies

To keep those winter chills at bay, take a look at Jack Snelling's cheerful Summer Munchies, a zine that's an artistic tribute to all the food he loved to eat during the summer months.

The Brighton-based illustrator and animator (originally from Weston-super-Mare) is known for his round characters, limited use of colour and small depicted scenes of what he describes as "absurd joy" – much of what we can see in this latest venture. "What started as an idea for a card to send to a friend in Italy became a full-blown project," Jack tells Creative Boom. "It found me cherry-picking (no pun intended) my favourite meals and foods, challenging myself to create witty, celebratory images."

The best of the bunch (we're talking ice cream, strawberries, eggs and hotdogs) have been collected together in this small zine, and Jack has also created a small second course in the form of two colour Risoprints; an "optional healthy option". The zine and prints are both available in Jack's online shop, sold separately or as a bundle.

Jack studied animation at the University of Westminster, graduating in 2015. He then worked a series of retail, bar and kitchen jobs, and in his free-time continued to "try and figure out" what he wanted to do with his life and art. "I was heavily inspired by the comics of Seth and Michael Deforge straight out of university and noticed that I was suddenly surrounded by extremely talented illustrator and artist friends, who encouraged me to pursue and explore narrative and editorial illustration, in the vein of other inspirations like Amanda Baeza, Clay Hickson and Jay Wright."

After a few years of refining and discovery, Jack says he's now where he belongs. Other recent ventures include Seed Magazeen, which he founded with friend and illustrator Lizzie Lomax. Recent clients include The Artworks, Museums Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek, Pit Magazine, Counterpoint Magazine, and Fud Casopis.


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