Uncommon and 3D artist aeforia collaborate on 'audio visual experience' for Chilly's Bottles

Creative studio Uncommon has worked with Canadian 3D artist aeforia to create a new animated campaign for Chilly's range of reusable water bottles and coffee cups.

The new Chilly’s products – all of which were created and designed in the UK—have been three years in the making, and design features include bottles that are all made as a single construction rather than in various pieces for ease of use and a more “considered” aesthetic. A softer antibacterial plastic replaces metal used on previous lids.

The new campaign, titled 'Unburdened', aims to "highlight the action of stripping back to the things that matter – a guiding principle to all good design processes," says Uncommon.

The animation looks to be an "epic experience", with the narrative and action inspired by the new bottles’ design process. Above all, it looks to reflect the brand's mission of making sustainability easy for people to incorporate into their lifestyle, and desirable.

Montreal-based aeforia was brought in to work on the project thanks to his "distinct animation style" which is "all about colours, balance and emotion," says Uncommon. This new work sees him blend surreal landscapes and digitally designed portraiture.

"Vibrant colours and surreal imagery have always been at the core of my work," says aeforia, who describes the film as “an unexpected visual animation that plays with a clever use of contrasts, colours and textures to create a lasting impact on the viewer."

The soundtrack song, titled 'Holy/Sacred' was composed by Norwegian vocalist, Susanna Wallumrød and uses a "modulated, layered doom-laden voice". How comforting.


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