Hato creates 'visual landscapes' for AI festival, Google Pair

Design studio Hato has collaborated with the team at PAIR Google on the identity for its online symposium.

The series of talks, panels and discussions took place in November across three major cities—London, Boston and Seattle—explored the idea of 'Boundary Objects' in participatory machine learning.

The brief given to Hato, which worked on the art direction and visual identity for the event, was to create tactile identities for each city with the idea of connecting them through the thee of Boundary Objects. The look and feel connected with Hato's previous work with the new project; while also demonstrating the event's aims to explore AI's human side.

Illustrator Franz Lang and animator Mak Ying-Ping were brought in to create objects and shapes that formed the heart of the identity, which became a series of three visual animated landscapes representing each city, connecting the various elements. As the animation moves across the landscapes, the objects and shapes are connected and "enlightened".

"This concept allowed for the identity of the event to highlight and demonstrate the idea that boundary objects are pieces of information or data that allow different communities to utilise and interpret them in different ways, bridging and connecting people, practices and areas of study," says Hato.


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