Thought-provoking animation short depicts alienated relationships in modern society

Despite us having more channels for communication than ever before never has there been a more difficult time than the present to be heard. This forms the basis of inspiration for Hui Kai Su, an independent animation director based in New York, whose latest film Look At Me has recently been released.

"For my second film [following Looking For in 2015], I decided to focus on addressing the underlying problems of modern society. My intent was to identify some nearly unnoticeable problems or subtle emotions in our daily life.

"I noticed there was an indistinct feeling of anxiety that stays with us all day. That is, we have been educated in capitalist societies to believe that everyone needs to be unique in order to succeed. I believe that over-emphasising the importance of the individual may not be suitable for all.

"In our society, everyone wants others’ attention, but everyone talks and nobody listens. When the Internet and smartphones came out, it became worse. When we chase our desire, which is rapidly magnified, we will all live in a state of anxiousness and feel vacant. The more we want, the more emptiness we receive."

A combination of Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and hand-drawn illustration, was used to create the film. Discover more at


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