Foreign Policy encapsulates carefree romanticism of all-American road trips

This utterly divine branding project by Foreign Policy, a design agency based in Singapore, takes the very best elements of current creative trends while helping tell a story for its client, One Night Only.

"A celebration of youthful irreverence, of adventure, and the quest for the best diner food across America", the design references the carefree romanticism of 'all-American' road trips — "abstract landscape imagery is peppered with type reminiscent of old noir films, intimate handwritten script referencing travel notes are added to the mix, imbuing a personal touch."

From the colour palette to the Pop Culture nods, every detail conjures feelings of warm nostalgia in a style that is unmistakably Foreign Policy's.

The agency describes itself as a design bureau and think tank that helps brands tell their stories through strategy, graphic design, interiors and architecture. See more projects at


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