Empire of the Night: Urban photography series transforms cityscapes through clever use of light

The Empire of the Night photography series by Luca Campigotto has been curated using work from previous projects, such as Gotham City, alongside some unpublished images never before exhibited.

The overriding theme that links the series is simply architecture and light – the combination of which creates strikingly beautiful results. The series is currently being exhibited at the Bugno Art Gallery, Venice, until 31 June 2016.

Campigotto's artist statement reads: "Vision has the power to create our knowledge and it orients our memory. As a photographer, my fate is to remain forever hostage to my own gaze. Destined to the mission of memory, to the circular motion of nostalgia.”

The photographer's work has taken him around the world, from Tokyo to Iran. Each image presents a unique spin on street photography, transforming the scenes into ethereal, otherworldly spaces.

Via direct submission | All images courtesy of Bugno Art Gallery


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