Swim: Inviting new work by Mária Švarbová dipped in appealing primary colours

What is it about the humble, public swimming pool that fascinates Slovakian photographer Mária Švarbová so much?

Is it the muted colours? Or perhaps the chlorine smells and echoing sounds of the space? In her latest body of work, she continues to explore these things, creating a series that's doused in primary colours.

Her earlier works – featured here and here – follow a similar theme, where she plays with colour to create interesting imagery that turns the dull and ordinary into the extraordinary. It's this signature style that has made Mária's work renowned for having an eerie stillness and a self-conscious tautness, with just a touch of playful oddness to intrigue the viewer.

With degrees in art conservation, restoration and archaeology, she found herself instead drawn to the medium of photography in 2010. Mária’s early work, which was published under the name Aria Baro, focused on surrealist portraiture and with strong Art Nouveau themes and was a reflection on her background and interest in art history.

Via Behance | All images courtesy of Mária Švarbová. Costume & Styling by Zuzana Hudakova and Martina Siranova


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