Cocktail Hour Playing Cards add a refreshing twist to the classic deck

This unique deck of playing cards has been illustrated by the talented, Sarah Ferone. Based in Philadelphia, the designer has a background in fine art, and balances a love of handmade and digital processes in her work. Inspired by the stories in everyday experiences, she predominantly focuses on food, travel, cycling, and good spirits.

For her latest project, Cocktail Hour, Ferone presents a new take on the classic deck of playing cards. The project has been designed for Kickstarter (from 18 May 2016). Featuring the theme “the craft of the cocktail”, the custom deck offers a playful and modern twist on the familiar art of the playing card.

Ferone adds her signature illustration style to the art, as she reimagines each playing card with bold brushwork and graphic lines for a charming and unique court – all while maintaining good playing-card design needed for game play.

You can find out more about the project at Or visit to see more of the artist's work.

Via direct submission | All images courtesy of Sarah Ferone


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