Bold yet playful brand identity for Japanese sushi restaurant, Samurai

We love this playful brand identity created for Stockholm-based restaurant, Samurai, by designers Fanny Löfvall, Nanna Basekay and Oliver Sjöqvist. The concept is centred around the restaurant's approach to take away, offering a premium and unique experience for its customers. The inspiration for the design was taken from Japanese culture.

The team explain: "The take away box is packaging made entirely without glue. Inner drawers can easily mix with each other, depending on what the customer orders. The packaging is sealed with a simple sticker.

"We wanted to avoid using a bag as a solution and therefore created a design where you can stack and attach packagings on top of each other. The packaging to chopsticks are used as handles. In the middle of the pack you can see a perforation that makes it very easy to open up and take out the chopsticks.

"It is a unique take away box that gives the customer a more personal and premium experience."

Via Behance | All images courtesy of the designers


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