Photographer captures the unparalleled joys of opening a freshly delivered pizza box

There is no experience quite like lifting the lid on a freshly delivered pizza. The strong cheesy aromas, the contrasting colours of toppings and the heat from the dough...sheer perfection. New York-based headshot photographer, Chris Gampat, is no stranger to the joy that is a takeaway pizza.

His project The Secret Order of the Slice is an ode to the love of pizza that many of us share, alongside paying homage to the briefcase scene in Pulp Fiction. Gampat explains his inspiration: "The idea came about last January when my friends and I were eating pizza and watching Adventure Time. No really, that's the story.

"I went about sketching out ideas and I didn’t shoot a single image for a year and a half for the project. But in a secret notebook I keep on my bookcase, I sketched ideas every now and again. So the project moved forward carefully and slowly until I felt I got the looks and ideas just right.

"The Secret Order of the Slice looks to embrace the genuine feelings that many of us have when we go in to eat pizza and embrace our inner fat kid."

Find out more about the project here. And check out more work from the photographer here.

Via direct submission | All photographs courtesy of Chris Gampat


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