Invasions: Thousands of white balloons descend on deserted natural and urban landscapes

Before you panic about the invasion of thousands of white balloons, let us reassure you. They are in fact the installation work of artist Charles Pétillon.

Last year he filled London's Covent Garden with over 100,000 white balloons for an installation entitled Heartbeat. His upcoming exhibition will take place at the Magda Danysz gallery in Shanghai (until 20 June).

Rather impressively, the artist only began exhibiting his works to the public in 2015. Since then, he has created a number of spectacular large scale installations.

Through his work, Pétillon aims to alter our approach to the space around us. His Invasion project references the “1,000 pools” project by architect Bernard Schoeller, which uses "everyday landscapes to widespread acclaim".

The artist's statement explains: "Charles Pétillon takes an interest in the distinctive architectural features that guide a project’s aesthetics and which offer an unfashionable patrimony, contrary to current trends. He talks about decay and also nostalgia and fear when confronting the weariness that what was important yesterday is no longer of any consequence today."

Similarly, CO2 responds to the fast-paced nature associated with consumerism in the 21st century. "Is it not the case that we seek to acquire more and more in order to be content with our image? The car is an object of desire that only reflects our need to have power over others and ourselves."

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