Sweet Lies is a series of films that chronicles the worst dating lies ever told

In the bitter-sweet world of dating the number one rule is: you’ve got to be cool. And sometimes, to keep the sparkle intact, a well placed sugar-coated lie can’t hurt. Can it?

That's the sentiment behind Sweet Lies, a series co-directed by Marion Favier and Daniel Castro that chronicles some of the worst dating lies ever told.

You know... Lies like, "You're the only one for me" or "Be there in a sec". That kind of thing. Of course, it's all tongue-firmly-in-cheek. That's all too obvious. But sadly, some of you will know only too well these lows of modern dating.

Marion Favier is a French multidisciplinary director and art director based in Brooklyn. She specialises in design-oriented projects involving live action, stop-motion and graphics, always with a hint of magic and a playful vibe.

Daniel Castro, meanwhile, is a "fantastical storyteller" with a heart for big ideas and an eye for little details. In between directing projects at his Brooklyn-based studio, Sky Pie, he can be found rummaging for treasures at vintage flea markets and petting stray dogs, apparently.


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