A beer brand founded by Francesca Martorelli to pay homage to different parts of the world

If you're a graphic designer and you love beer, you're going to create your own beer brand, right? Designing the packaging alone is a good enough excuse to go for it.

And what if you made each drink a perfect tribute to a specific country? This is exactly what Francesca Martorelli did in 2017. She launched Above Brand, a sustainable beer company that delivers the "perfect multicultural drink experience enveloped in stylish eco-friendly packaging". Her first beer – shared here – is dedicated to Japan and made in collaboration with Dutch vandeStreek brewery.

With over 10 years in advertising and design, Francesca runs her own design studio, Martorelli Lab, specialising in branding. Based in London, her clients include Nike, MTV, SABMiller, KPMG, Google and Waitrose. Above Brand is her side venture.

"I always wanted to create a brand that I would have loved to see around," says Francesca. "I wished it to be sustainable, to follow ethical principals and have a message to spread: the beauty of multiculturalism. In the past two years, whilst freelancing, I founded Above Brand. I was responsible for every aspect of the brand creation, from the idea to the product launch."

She continues: "We make beers in collaboration with the best European brewers. We are proud to use organic ingredients and produce small quantities to have quality control. We live and breathe in a beautifully multicultural society and dedicate each beer bottle packaging to a different country."


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