SuperHeroes creates clever campaign for V2C Gin to turn drowned Amsterdam bikes into exclusive bottle openers

Amsterdam is famous for a lot of things but bicycles probably top the list. There are 800km of bike lanes in the Dutch capital and allegedly more bikes than inhabitants. It's the most popular mode of transport, making the air cleaner and lives healthier.

But there's a downside: each year almost 15 thousand of those bikes end up in the canals. Amsterdam gin brand V2C and creative agency SuperHeroes have come up with a clever idea to pay homage to the city and give those drowned bikes a new lease of life. Introducing: The Drowned Bottle Openers.

Together with artist and designer David Kroupa, discarded canal bikes were collected to re-use them as bar tools. From different parts of the bikes, Kroupa designed a series of different bottle openers. Each opener originates from a different part of a drowned bike. Finished off with V2C’s trademark red seal, the result is a unique handcrafted set of tools for bartenders and gin lovers.

Jorgo Costellenos, a co-founder of V2C Dutch Dry Gin, said: "When you work and live in Amsterdam you use your bike every day. That inspired us to unite cycling in the city with our love for the Amsterdam canals. With the help of David, we could turn old bikes into beautiful bottle openers that will last for a long time. Plus, how special is it to open your bottle with a piece of a drowned bike?"

All images courtesy of SuperHeroes. Via CB submission.

All images courtesy of SuperHeroes. Via CB submission.