Pins and Needles by Brown Bag Films tells the story of a cactus who doesn't fit in

Written and directed by Dublin-based duo Kerrie Costello and Julien Celin of Brown Bag Films,'Pins and Needles' tells the story of the new kid on the plot trying to fit in.

With music by Darren Hendley, this is the story of an outcast – a spiky cactus trying to make a friend it won't hurt in a world full of "normal" flowers. The Cactus is the new plant in the garden, instantly shunned by the flowers because it's different.

After enduring shame and ridicule at the hands of the Sunflower and Dandelion, the Cactus longs for a friend. Enter the hedgehog! Under exciting circumstances, the hedgehog shows up, and seeing their similarities, the two become best buds, showing friendship comes in all shapes.

The short film was commissioned by the RTÉ Animated Shorts Scheme in 2018 and made its premiere on RTÉjr last December. It has since been screened in festivals around the world, gaining an Irish Animation Award nomination for Best Sound Design and Official Selection. Find out more:


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