Feature Shoot announces The Print Swap is now open to photographers and artists

The Print Swap, an initiative by our friends at Feature Shoot, gives you the chance to literally swap prints with artists and photographers from all over the world.

© [Liz Palm](https://www.palm.no/), courtesy of the artist and Feature Shoot

© Liz Palm, courtesy of the artist and Feature Shoot

How it works is you submit your digital artwork for consideration, simply using the hashtag #theprintswap on Instagram or upload it directly via The Print Swap website. Once accepted, you'll be able to choose a photo or an artwork from a secret Instagram page to be sent to you as a beautiful archival print in the mail. And photographers, you'll now be able to swap prints with artists as well as other photographers.

To launch this new art initiative, Feature Shoot has a special exhibition opportunity for eight hand-picked Print Swap artists/illustrators who enter before 19 February 2020.

And if its editors choose your artwork to be part of the show, it will be featured in a special Print Swap group art poster run which will be pasted up on walls around inner-city Sydney and Melbourne for two weeks. So your work could be seen by a potential audience of thousands!

For photography entrants, meanwhile, you will be eligible for consideration into photo shows at four hand-picked cafes in different corners of the world: group shows at Endorffeine Coffee in Los Angeles; Chapter One Cafe and Wine Bar in Sydney; and Friends of Ours cafe in London; as well as a new special solo show opportunity at Hackney Coffee in London.

Remember: regardless if you're a photographer or an artist, simply submit your photos to our curators now by either hash-tagging them #theprintswap on Instagram or uploading them directly via www.theprintswap.com.


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