Illustrations by Katie Hicks that explore self-destructive tendencies and creative burnout

All images courtesy of Katie Hicks, via Creative Boom submission

Toronto illustrator and comic artist Katie Hicks produces work that is bright and energetic full of colour, sparkle and abstract shapes.

Inspired by the cartoons and anime she grew up with, she strives to bring a feeling of happiness into both her professional and personal work. "Though I often touch on feelings of happiness and joy, my work also explores subjects on mental health and connecting with others," Katie tells Creative Boom.

"And although my work is cartoony and I consider myself a cartoonish, I still want to explore complex emotions that cartoons aren't usually associated with – like indulging in self-destructive tendencies and creative burnout. In all, I want to elicit an emotion in my audience, whether that be silliness and childlike wonder or a feeling of reliability with harder topics."

Another focus of her work is cartoon skeletons. "I like telling stories and drawing colourful pictures to accompany them. I've never been on a skateboard but please don't tell anyone," she adds.