Two designers create a 'non-biased newspaper' to compare the policies of six political parties in the UK

Designers Rory Stiff and Casey-Highfield Smith have created a 'non-biased newspaper' that compares policies from the six major political parties in the UK.

The 16-page tabloid-style newspaper is an attempt to combat the "lies, slander and accusations" currently dominating national election coverage. The pair will distribute 10,000 free copies across London today, Wednesday 11 December at all main transport links.

Rory and Casey trawled through hundreds of pages of manifesto copy to create the newspaper. "We wanted to create something that allowed the public to make a more informed decision, on what they believe to be true or not when it comes to what the politicians say, and what policies they think they align with," Casey tells Creative Boom. "We truly believe that an informed vote is better than one that has been decided by a billionaire newspaper owner."

The project is supported by the London agency, 20something. Its co-founder Will Thacker says: "It's encouraging to see young people re-engage in politics; even amongst the chaotic political division we are currently living. A division the tabloid rhetoric truly fires up.

"As a creative shop, we fully support this progressive, mobilised, vocal generation. And we believe it's their time to make the differences they want to live with now and in the future; to hopefully see beyond the polarised world the papers paint. When the guys brought this idea to us, it was no brainer to support it. Looking forward to seeing it scattering the tube."


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