Photographer Luca Arena's non-cliched yet beautiful portrait of Iceland

Via Creative Boom submission. All images courtesy of the photographer.

"Between the light that goes off and the beginning of the day, I have known places where the ships don’t break, there are no trains and no cars go, where a yellow traffic light means slow down and not accelerate."

These are the introductory words of Luca Arena's latest photography series, Á means river | Ísland, which explores a less cliched side to Iceland.

Over 13 days, he travelled nearly 3,000km to try and uncover hidden corners of the dramatic island, a place that usually makes us think of fire and ice. He explains: "I have tried to break the mirror and not depict Iceland as the land of rivers, volcanoes and endless glaciers, but photographing it in a completely unusual and aseptic manner, so that, for once, we can get away from the explosion of nature and live in colours, giving voice to the island's minority: man."

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