Charming new paintings of South Korea's little convenience stores by Me Kyeoung Lee

If you were charmed by Me Kyeoung Lee's paintings of South Korea's convenience stores earlier this year, then you'll be happy to know that she has released a new series of artworks.

Soon to go on display at the Imazoo Gallery, and with plans to be released in a new book in 2018, the fresh collection transforms the mundane shop fronts of her home country into appealing little businesses, just inviting you to visit and explore.

Painting convenience stores are nothing new to Me Kyeoung Lee; she has spent the past 20 years documenting these cute corner shops. Partly because she finds them so beautiful, but also because she wants to capture them before they disappear forever.

"There were not many things to see and play like these days," she explains. "But there was a time when I was happy to have a coin in my hands and run to a shop and hang out with friends gathered in front of it." Discover more of her work at


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