Luca Arena finds beauty in the deserted landscapes and uniform architecture of Tenerife

In his series Impersonalism, Italian photographer Luca Arena captures Tenerife's so-called "uniform" style of architecture, picking out the same shapes and colours against a backdrop of the natural landscape.

All images courtesy of Luca Arena. Via Creative Boom submission.

All images courtesy of Luca Arena. Via Creative Boom submission.

Although Luca hopes to highlight the effects of urban sprawl, his images reveal a certain beauty to the similar buildings. And as there are no people in his photographs, as though the island is completely deserted, it only adds to the intrigue.

Speaking of the local buildings, he said: "Here, typically Spanish living styles, with flat-roofed houses white or brightly coloured, blend with the need to want to represent, at least hypothetically, the urban sprawl of the great European capital, with modern tourist residences, impersonal and very similar to each other built in the middle of unspoiled places or at the very tourist beach resorts.

"The passing travellers were oblivious to the fact that the buildings are all the same, being able to enjoy the security in having found that provision of sufficient space to them. Although limited, this phenomenon tends to occur especially in suburban areas, and between the main effects, it's impossible not to detect a high consumption of the soil and, consequently, a reduction of green spaces. Due to the relentless and accelerating pace of expansion of cities and the demand for new buildings, the buildings tend to be similar to each other, characterised by the extreme homogeneity and by a predominantly uniform design environment built."


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