Abandoned France: Magnificent images of France's crumbling and forgotten heritage

Join French photographer Sylvain Margaine as he explores a number of abandoned buildings across his home country.

All images courtesy of the photographer and Jonglez Publishing

All images courtesy of the photographer and Jonglez Publishing

Expect to see inside the abandoned Gandrange steelworks or the decommissioned Uckange blast furnaces in Lorraine, a spectacular marine graveyard in Brittany's Crozon peninsula, a forgotten chateau on the outskirts of Paris, a derelict sanatorium in the Alps, the remains of a magnificent Art Deco concert hall in the north, a disused hospital in the south-west, a military fort in the Pyrenees, now off-limits, and a former wine storage cellar in Normandy.

Through his incredible series, Abandoned France, Sylvain reveals a forgotten and forbidden side to the European country across the Channel. He loves to draw attention to the sometimes dramatic fate of the country's heritage, the preservation of which has become a matter of serious reflection. It's an exceptional photographic report and one that has been brought together in a new book with words by David Margaine. Soon to be available from Jonglez Publishing.

"I started young. As a kid, my father brought me to abandoned factories," explains Sylvain. "The passion remained. But the motivation has been boosted by the taste for photography and the success of this website. So, why such a hobby? We think that abandoned and futureless places are part of our cultural heritage. So before everything gets rotten or disappear, let's explore and photograph them!"


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