Catalina Andonie's fascinating giant sculptures that include loaves of bread and buckets

Taking influences from Soviet architecture, industrial objects or works by Michael Dean and Rachel Whiteread, Chilean artist Catalina Andonie crafts giant sculptures that are made from materials relevant to their original inspirations.

"I think that the balance, form, scale and materials in my pieces respond to other concerns that do not comprise a self-­referential involvement with materiality and composition," explains Catalina. "Those four elements are a, in a way, suggesting the underlying issues through all kinds of layers and densities."

Using metal, polyurethane, silicone rubber and foam, some of her pieces seemingly contain huge loaves of bread or somehow incorporate plastic buckets for building materials. She adds: "These materials are assembled together so that disproportion and exaggeration are constant presences in my work. They manifest themselves in different ways: either in the materiality and scale of an object and/or in the interactions that make up one work as well."

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