Beach Matters: Candid photography series captures interactions on Thailand's Pattaya Beach

Although these photographs were taken in the Pattaya Beach resort of Thailand, they include scenes that are familiar to many of us. An inflatable unicorn, the application of suncream to vitamin D-deprived skin and sandy bottles of beer. Ahhh, the memories.

All images courtesy of the photographer

All images courtesy of the photographer

British born photographer, Larry Hallegua, has been shooting candid colour photography for the past five years, mainly in Asia and occasionally Europe. His work has been described as 'bittersweet moments' and 'fanciful characters frozen into bizarre activities', and for this particular project, he chose Thailand as his focus.

He explains: "Pattaya Beach resort, a popular destination for foreigners in Thailand, is well known for its nighttime sex industry, but during the daytime, tourists and Thais relax together on the beach.

"The series is a colourful portrait of the characters and happenings of this resort, capturing familial relationships, leisure time and a healthy dose of sun-worshipping." Discover more at


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