Elisa Seitzinger's s beguiling deck of Tarot cards, Minor Arcana

Illustrator and artist Elisa Seitzinger is based in Torino, Italy, and recently created a beautiful deck of 40 Minor Arcana tarot cards titled. Their aesthetic marries traditional stylings with a new concern around creating a deck that provides three functions: users can play a card game, for Tarot divination, and finally to create contemporary fairytale narratives, with each card from ace to seven also acting as a specific character.

On the surface, the black inky lines and rich primary colours fit in perfectly with traditional ideas and tropes, but look a little further and things become rather more transgressive – the women on the cards are proudly holding phallic objects, louchely smoking a cigarette, wielding a bloody sword, legs akimbo in suspenders or with prosthetic limbs.

Seitzinger explains: “Starting from the deck the project comes to life with a series of artworks which visually extend the concept, such as a series of wall tapestries or the gaming table illustrated like a medieval cosmogony in a contemporary way, becoming environment and metaphor of the game of life.”


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