Radical newspaper redesign by Studio Feixen sets out to shock readers

When Samsung launched its Galaxy G8 smartphone in Switzerland, it wanted to focus attention on the unique design behind the device. So in an unusual campaign, it decided to radically redesign Switzerland's most popular newspaper for one day only.

Samsung worked with Jung von Matt and local design agency Studio Feixen on the redesign, which purposely set out to shock readers by transforming the layout of the publication and covering the text with bold and colourful shapes, splashes and squiggles.

"It was clear from the start it had to be an idea that would immediately take the whole of Switzerland by storm, and inseparably link the idea with the new Samsung Galaxy G8," said Lorenz Clormann, creative director of Jung von Matt . "20 Minuten, Switzerland's biggest newspaper, was the only platform that came into question for this idea."


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