Masked Ball: Artist collaborates with bees to fix objects and create honeycomb sculptures

In her series The Masked Ball, Canadian artist Aganetha Dyck takes broken porcelain sculptures of 17th century characters and fixes them by collaborating with bees – yes, bees – to coat them in a protective layer of honeycomb.

With over 20 years experience working with beekeepers and scientists, Aganetha is interested in environmental issues, specifically the power of the small. She is interested in inter species communication, and her research asks questions about the ramifications all living beings would experience should honeybees disappear from earth.

In this particular series, she places each object inside a bee hive and allows its inhabitants to get on with their work, leaving nature to take its course. The resulting waxy sculptures demonstrate all that is possible thanks to nature's most efficient designers – bees, the very species we should try harder to protect. If you love Aganetha's work, discover more interesting creations at

Via Creators Project | All images by Peter Dyck


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