I've Known The Garden: New mixed media art inspired by nature by Amy Spassov

In her series I've Known The Garden, Seattle-based mixed media artist Amy Spassov works in layers using numerous tools, collage and paint, to create artworks that are inspired by nature. Combining layer upon layer of flowers, petals, leaves and wildlife, the collection is adorned with marks and images that are expressive and rely heavily on the relationship between order and chaos, as well as beauty and pattern.

Her process, adept and calculated, is also spontaneous and impulsive. This ebb and flow allows Amy to unearth the premise of each body of work. It is often a struggle, but in the artist’s words: “The development of each piece is as important as the finished work.”

Amy adds: "Finding direction is complex. Hesitance and indecision rule the proceedings. That is unless, you have known the garden. Months were spent walking, observing and appreciating nature. It was here that I found direction, a means towards healing, acceptance and truth. The dust of these outings began to form on white panels.

"Nature, filtered and augmented began to run onto the surfaces. Soon every piece would be entirely engulfed; each so dense and lushly adorned that any attempt to go beyond would have been futile. An impasse. It was art imitating life, the last year of my life. Having dealt with the struggles of the past months and with a new place from which to move forward I began extracting, ripping away the noise, the clutter, the doubt and all that was unnecessary to find clarity, self acceptance and a new direction."

I've Known The Garden is on show from the 3rd June at Hall Spassov Gallery in Bellevue, Washington, as part of a wider exhibition celebrating the gallery's 10th anniversary.

Via direct submission | All images courtesy of Amy Spassov


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