Beautiful publication celebrates the traditional Japanese tea culture

This stunning publication is the work of Tokyo-based designer, Masaomi Fujita. Each page is filled with colourful photography by Akiko Oshima of creative design agency Tegusu, which truly brings to life a still thriving Japanese tradition.

Shizuoka Prefecture is the largest producer of tea in Japan. It is also the World Heritage site that's home to Mt. Fuji. Japanese Tea is a photo collection published by Nikko Graphic Arts, a long-established company which has run a business in Shizuoka-city, Shizuoka Prefecture, for 70 years.

Fujita explains his inspiration for the book: "The purpose of publishing this book is to introduce Shizuoka’s tea culture to the world, and the book tells you about the history and tradition of tea, the extension of tea culture in our time, and so on, through beautiful photographs and writing."

The book has been exhibited at book fairs in Paris and London, so both English and French versions have been produced.

The concept for the design also relates directly to Japanese culture – the cover holding elements of traditional Japanese style, with gold foil letters and a tea flower symbol.

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Via Behance | All photographs copyright of Akiko Oshima


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