Artist takes vintage photographs and transforms them into threaded collages

Living and working in Groningen, Dutch artist Dorris Vooijs creates collages using vintage photographs she has collected for many years. With a mixture of digital sketches, markers, spray paint, threads, ink and paint – she reconstructs the discovered images.

Speaking about the process behind her pieces, Vooijs said: “I like layering a lot, I like to see what happens when you cross digital stuff and layer that with traditional methods. Building up and peeling pieces away or scratching my way back to the surface, until I feel that it might be time to step back and leave it alone.”

Born in the Netherlands in 1968, Dorris went to the Waldorf School for 12 years, which had a big influence on her childhood. She later attended the Academy of Arts in Arnhem and obtained a BFA in Drawing and Art History in Nijmegen. She now works and lives in Groningen, the Netherlands.

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Via direct submission | All images courtesy of the artist


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