Lady Finger Vases: Charming vases that merge fine art and ceramics with fashion

It's difficult not to smile at these charming vases by Bari Ziperstein, aka Zippy – a multidisciplinary artist and designer based in Los Angeles. Beautifully named Lady Finger Vases, they are indeed vases with female fingers on them with painted nails, merging fine art and ceramics with high fashion.

The unlimited stoneware editions of individual vases are unique in size and shape. Made to order and available via BZippy&Co, you should allow four to six weeks for delivery, unless otherwise in stock.

Born in Chicago, Zippy was raised by design collectors and architecture enthusiasts where they travelled across America just to find the ideal Bakelite Radio, Boomerang Lamp or '60s ceramic cookie jar. She attended Cal Arts (2004) for her MFA and attended Ohio University (2000) graduating with a BFA in Painting and a Women's Studies Certificate. Discover more of her beautiful creations at

Via Design Milk | All images courtesy of Zippy


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