Artist aims to preserve her local forest by crafting linocut stamps of nature

In her series Favourite Things in the Forest, Russian artist and illustrator Olga Ezova-Denisova aims to preserve the things she discovers on her nature walks by transforming them into clever linocut stamps. Everything from delicate branches and leaves to pine cones and blueberries, her intricate little stamps can be used to make the most beautiful prints.

She explains: "I have a favourite spot in the forest not far away from my home — it's a bluebery meadow. There are blueberry sprigs, which have green and red leaves; there are countless cobwebs and many dried branch and yellowed pine needles. I can also find wild strawberries and of course so many pine cones.

"In the rain pine cones are closed, and when the weather is dry—they are open. For me, it's miracle to see this, notice this, observe. I would like to grab, save and share this miracle with all. And my project is exactly about this sentiment: I try to preserve my favourite things in the forest with the help of hand-printing technique linocuts and my photo camera."

Via Behance


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