60 of the best graphic designers to follow on Behance

With some of the world’s best and brightest designers signed up to its platform, Behance is one of the leading sources of inspiration on the web for your graphic design projects.

From masterful typographers and top digital artists to the finest crafters of logos and packaging designs, at Shillington we are constantly on the lookout for the latest talent. Check out our essential list of graphic designers on Behance, starting with some of our very own lecturers from around the world. Add this to your bookmarks for next time you need some inspiration!

1. Saxon Campbell

The optimum of cool, Saxon Campbell has built quite a reputation for his branding work for fashion and retail brands with clients including P&Co, Frockhub and The Monster Cycle. Based in New York, he runs his own studio and is also a part-time lecturer at Shillington on Madison Avenue.

2. Spencer Harrison

Spencer Harrison, otherwise known as Spenceroni, is a Melbourne-based graphic artist, designer, and Shillington lecturer that specialises in vibrant, energetic pattern design and illustration. His award-winning portfolio, which has garnered the attention of numerous brands and award panels, is testament to his hugely imaginative style, inspired by daydreams, travel, and an obsession with colour.

3. Shanti Sparrow

Shanti is a graphic designer who works commercially with a beautiful studio in Sydney called Bug Communication. She especially enjoys branding and typography, and gets to work largely with not-for-profit organisations. She's also a lecturer at Shillington in Brisbane.

4. George Simkin

Another part-time lecturer of Shillington's, George Simkin is a London-based freelance designer and illustrator who brings a bold and playful approach to typography to both branding and editorial work.

5. Emma Stokes

Part-time lecturer for Shillington in London, Emma Stokes lovingly art directs and crafts brand identities and web designs for a range of clients across the UK. With a strong focus on typography and simplicity, her work will appeal to the minimalist in you.

6. Anna Dunn

London illustrator and designer Anna Dunn has a cheerful, bold and colourful style that is instantly recognisable and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. She's also a part-time lecturer at Shillington in London.

Emma Stokes

Emma Stokes

[Anna Dunn](https://www.behance.net/gallery/35867747/Time-Out-Easter-days-out) for Time Out

Anna Dunn for Time Out



7. Josh Nychuk

Josh Nychuk is a Canadian graphic designer based in New York and part-time lecturer for Shillington on Madison Avenue.

8. Smack Bang Designs

Smack Bang Designs is an acclaimed design studio in Sydney that provides empowering brand identities for clients across Australia and the rest of the world. They've also written for Shillington's blog and have an array of inspiring projects to peruse.

9. Gemma O'Brien

Focusing on typography, illustration and graphic design, Sydney-based Gemma O'Brien's typographic works have attracted the attention of some of the world's best known brands, including Adobe and Diet Coke.

10. Stanley Chow

Stanley Chow is an artist and illustrator from Manchester whose iconic work has found worldwide acclaim. Honoured to have him as a guest lecturer at Shillington, much of Chow's work is portraiture, with him specialising in images of celebrities from the worlds of music, television, film and sport.

11. Addepar

Based in Mountain View, California, Addepar is a creative studio that focuses on graphic design, print design and branding, and their range of projects will be sure to inspire. We love this firm so much, we've invited them as guest lecturers to Shillington.

12. Ryan Atkinson

A design director based in Sydney, Ryan Atkinson has graced us with his presence on more than one occasion, guest lecturing at Shillington in Sydney. With a strong emphasis on typography and geometric, simple shapes, his design projects always inspire.

13. Jess Cruickshank

Jess Cruickshank is a letterer and illustrator currently based in Sydney. Previously, she spent several years working as a designer in digital and advertising. She's represented by The Jacky Winter Group.

14. John Wood

John Wood operates as an independent graphic art and design studio in Manchester, and he loves all things creative from fashion and trend forecasting through to large scale installations and identity. He's also one of our talented Manchester graduates.

15. Jessica Walsh

Jessica Walsh is an American graphic designer, art director and illustrator, and a partner at renowned creative agency Sagmeister & Walsh. Born in NYC and raised in nearby Ridgefield, Connecticut, she began coding and designing websites at just 11 years old and went on to study graphic design at the Rhode Island School of Design. Today, Walsh has since worked on projects for clients including Levi's, Aizone, Adobe and Colab Eyewear. A must!

16. Zim&Zou

Zim&Zou are two french artists, based in Nancy called Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann. They studied graphic design together at university and then launched their own studio thereafter. They focus on installations using handcrafted objects made out of tangible materials such as paper, wood and thread, and work with brands as big as IBM, Microsoft, Hermès, TIME and The Washington Post.



[Jeremy Kool](https://www.behance.net/gallery/26043281/Wooden-Rhinoceros-Beetle)

Jeremy Kool

[Gemma O'Brien](https://www.behance.net/gallery/35278885/Diet-Coke-Retweets-of-Love)

Gemma O'Brien

17. Violaine & Jeremy

Violaine et Jérémy is an illustration and graphic arts studio currently based in Paris. You can rely on them to dish out some of the most inspiring projects, focused around illustration, textile pattern design, brand identity and web design.

18. Cosmic Nuggets

An inspiring illustrator from Aberdeen, Scotland, Cosmic Nuggets' real identity remains a mystery but their work always delights.

19. Ruslan Khasanov

Ruslan – or you can call him Rus – is a Russian-born designer whose clients include Adobe, Bloomberg Markets, Computer Arts, Fortune and IBM. He has a particular love of typography, often creating his own typefaces.

20. Siang Ching

Siang Ching is a Singapore-based graphic designer and illustrator who graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts with a diploma in Visual Communication, and has a First Class Honours Bachelors in Design Communication from Lasalle College of the Arts. She is also the founder of Pattern Matters where she finds joy in patterns and everything handmade.

21. Dan Mountford

Dan Mountford is a Brighton-based graphic designer with an impressive client list under his young belt, including The Economist, EMI Records, Urban Outfitters and NBC Universal. Not one to be missed.

22. Emi Haze

Emi Haze graduated from the Institute of Design in Verona with a degree in Graphic Design and Advertising Design. Based in Italy, she recently collaborated with the agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners of San Francisco to be part of the Photoshop 25th Anniversary special advertising campaign commissioned by Adobe.

23. Maria Grønlund

Maria Grønlund is an influential illustrator and designer from Denmark. Describing herself as a colour master and design Jedi, her work is renowned worldwide and is a must to follow on Behance.

24. Jeremy Kool

Jeremy Kool is a CG artist with graphic design and illustration roots. He's worked in large and small games studios, created CG for advertising campaigns, worked with VFX houses on TVCs and has completed a project of his own creation called "The Paper Fox" for iOS.

25. Lorena G

Lorena G is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Barcelona. She loves geometry, bold colours, top-notch vectors and tuna makis. You will fall in love with her vector illustrations and digital artwork.

26. Anton Burmistrov

Anton Burmistrov is a graphic designer raised in a country that no longer exists. He attended the Tallinn School of Art then graduated from the University of Greenwich. He has worked as a designer at London agencies such as Hey Human, Brave and Leo Burnett across a variety of work in print, TV, digital and social. He currently works in his own home studio and freelancing. Clients include Red Bull, P&G, Mercedes-Benz, Absolut Vodka, Vitamin Water, Panasonic and more.

27. Antonio Rodrigues Jr

Antonio Rodrigues Jr is a self-taught graphic designer, illustrator and lettering lover with a Fine Arts background. He works with different styles and techniques, from handmade to computer generated graphics.

28. Sebastian Bednarek

Sebastian Bednarek is the brains behind SB-Brands, a creative agency in Warsaw, Poland that he launched in 2011. Specialising in brand identity design, packaging and website development – his slick designs have captured the attention of the global Behance community.

29. SocioDesign

SocioDesign is an experienced design and strategy agency based in Farringdon, London, renowned for their minimal, reductive style. They create contemporary brand identities, packaging solutions and digital experiences for a diverse range of premium brands, ranging from boutique start-ups to global businesses.

Jessica Walsh

Jessica Walsh

[Kevin Harald Campean](https://www.behance.net/gallery/41649073/Galamb-Tailoring) for Galamb Tailoring

Kevin Harald Campean for Galamb Tailoring

[Butcher Billy](https://www.behance.net/gallery/42946849/Troco-a-Bituca-por-Duas-Jujubas-Projeto-Grafico)

Butcher Billy

30. Ian Caulkett

Ian Caulkett is one of the Two of Us – a graphic design partnership formed by Ash O’Brien and Ian, working from Birmingham and Brighton. He specialises in branding and identity, and works with businesses to help establish and communicate their individuality through meaningful design.

31. Kevin Harald Campean

A graphic designer based in Budapest, Hungary, Kevin Harald Campean specialises in the fields of design, branding and photography. His work is mostly monochrome, and as a result exudes style. A must-follow for fans of sleek and polished design.

32. Ingrid Picanyol

With a background in art direction and graphic design, Barcelona-based Ingrid Picanyol undertakes each project with meticulous research to ensure that every avenue is explored. The result is her creation of a bespoke visual language that speaks directly to the client’s audience.

33. Timothy Goodman

New York-based designer, illustrator, art director and author, Timothy Goodman, runs his own design studio. Producing work for a huge roster of internationally renowned brands, including Airbnb, Google, Adobe, Ford, J.Crew, MoMa, Target and Starbucks, Timothy’s work is simply awe inspiring.

34. Michael William Lester

Hailing from Norwich, England, designer, illustrator and animator, Michael William Lester is a freelancer with a unique design style. As part of a brief for the D&AD New Blood Festival, Michael created a tiny book of ideas and visuals – to be viewed with a magnifying glass. ‘The World’s Smallest Portfolio’ has since become a huge online hit.

35. Matt Chase

Based in Washington DC, Matt Chase is a multi-disciplinary designer that focuses on illustration and print design. He has worked for a variety of clients, including Sunday Times Magazine, The New Yorker and GQ, creating a mixture of typographic pieces and fun projects, such as LEGO Wes Anderson.

36. Allan Revah

A graduate of Central Saint Martins, Allan Revah is a designer now based in New York. Over the past 10 years, he has worked in various design jobs and is now Creative Director of prolific agency, Monolith. Clients include Disney, Adidas and Marvel.

[Rebecca Sloat](https://www.behance.net/gallery/41029119/Cynthia-Rowley-Beauty)

Rebecca Sloat

[Thomas Hedger](https://www.behance.net/gallery/42882853/The-Telegraph-Property-Section) for The Telegraph

Thomas Hedger for The Telegraph

37. Butcher Billy

Butcher Billy is a freelance designer and illustrator based in Brazil. His style is distinctly unique – combing a bold colour palette with comic book figures to create tributes to classic pop culture icons. His David Bowie/Joker hybrid is most definitely worth a look.

38. Carling Hind

With a diverse background in communications and luxury and lifestyle branding, Carling Hind is a graphic designer that specialises in art direction, design and photography. Her portfolio includes a stunning series of black and white portraits, as well as beautiful typography and layouts.

39. Jacques & Lise

Jacques and Lise are two freelance graphic designers, ‘creative lovebirds’ and collectors that share the same passion for their work. With an emphasis on illustration and print design, the duo’s loveable style lends itself to all manner of projects – from wedding invitations to editorial.

40. Thomas Hedger

London-based illustrator and artist, Thomas Hedger, has an in-your-face style that is inspired by the pop art movement of the 1960s. Utilising strong, clean lines and a colour palette of bright shades, his work – for publications like Wired and The Guardian – is unforgettable.

41. Yafei Wang

Yafei Wang is a New York-based graphic designer, specialising in art direction and branding. After attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, she's gone on to produce pattern-led works that celebrate geometrics.

42. Alexander Vidal

An illustrator and designer based in Los Angeles, Alexander Vidal dedicates much of his work to wild animals and tropical patterns, inspired by a love of travel and exploration. Specialising in illustration, surface design, packaging and branding, his clients include Adidas and Airbnb.

43. Rebecca Sloat

Rebecca Sloat is partner and art director at Communal Creative – a New York-based design and branding studio. Each project includes an extra element of flair that sets it apart from the norm. See the packaging project for Cynthia Rowley Beauty as a case in point.

44. Raiane Girotto

A multidisciplinary designer based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Raiane Girotto focuses on branding. Her marbled packaging collection for Bendito Chocolate is a stunning example of contemporary graphic design.

45. Gema Navarro

Gema Navarro is an editorial designer based in Madrid, Spain. Regularly lending her expertise to publications such as The Outpost, The Eight and Makeshift, her formulated approach and use of block colour ensures a statement is always made.

46. Izabela Dudzik

Izabela Dudzik is a student from Katowice, Poland. With a focus on digital art and popular culture, she has interpreted many well-known characters from television and film, placing them in humorous scenarios. Star Wars, Stranger Things and Pokemon Go have all recently received the Dudzik treatment.

Gema Navarro

Gema Navarro

[Jana Glatt](https://www.behance.net/gallery/32786795/Book-Quem-adivinha-o-que-)

Jana Glatt

47. Selman Hoşgör

Collage artist, Selman Hoşgör, is based in Istanbul, Turkey. His pop art-inspired works combine magazine cuttings with digital elements for results that are wildly unique. His tributes to David Bowie and Woody Allen are particularly fun.

48. Alan Cheetham

Nottingham-based graphic designer, Alan Cheetham, specialises in branding, logo identity and custom hand-lettered type. His portfolio showcases a variety of styles, from understated to maximalist.

49. Madelyn Bilsborough

Sydney-based designer, Madelyn Bilsborough, works across branding and web design on a freelance basis. Her style combines clean lines with subtle colour palettes, allowing for key design elements to truly shine.

50. Harry Lee

Rather than specialising in one or two areas of design, Harry Lee has cast his net slightly wider, creating identities, books, videos, prints and ‘silly objects’ for his clients, and occasionally himself. The Falmouth-based designer’s style is youthful and fresh. Expect skulls and vintage bicycles.

51. Mariano Fiore

Based in Barcelona, Spain, Mariano Fiore works across graphic design, art direction and branding for a variety of mediums – from editorial publications to posters and bottles of shampoo – the latter of which being the most aesthetically-pleasing shampoo bottle we’ve ever seen.

52. Jana Glatt

‘Vibrant’ is perhaps the best way to summarise Jana Glatt’s joyous illustrations. Being based in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro seems to have had an impact on Jana’s festival of work, which presents both human and animal characters in a rainbow of bright colours. Extremely uplifting.

53. Anna Kuts

Anna Kuts is a graphic designer specialising in visual identity, logo creation, posters, packaging, exhibition and editorial design. She started as a freelancer in 2009, and has since collaborated with a host of brands for work across a range of creative mediums.

54. Quim Marin

With a career that spans over 15 years, Quim Marin has a true passion for all things show business. From art direction, to graphic design and advertising, Quim cites music as his key creative influence. And when viewing his portfolio, music clearly plays an integral role in his overall design process.

55. Casey Martin

Independent brand designer, Casey Martin, is based in San Francisco. Rather than give too much away online, Casey prefers his work to speak for itself. Recent projects include packaging and brand identity creation for Recipeace, and branding for Hillrock Distillery.

56. Alessia Sistori

Judging by the work of Mexico-based graphic designer, Alessia Sistori, this creative has a passion for minimalism. Crafting a range of visually beautiful packaging for products including beer and butter, alongside lending her expertise to editorial, Alessia’s broad range of work is always stunning in appearance.

[Michael Sallit](https://www.behance.net/gallery/42184579/La-Souterraine-Valle-du-Don-Album-Cover)

Michael Sallit

[Harry Lee](https://www.behance.net/gallery/25411913/Girl-Youth-Hue)

Harry Lee

57. Cornel Swoboda

Melbourne-based designer, Cornel Swoboda, is dedicated to creating unusual characters through digital art, graphic design and visual effects. Some works are more akin to puppets than illustrations – check out Polyphag for reference.

58. Michael Sallit

Graphic designer, Michael Sallit, is based in Paris, France. His anarchic style of illustration lends itself perfectly to gig posters and record sleeves – both of which he specialises in. His album cover for La Souterraine, Vallee Du Don, is sublime.

59. Sara Enríquez

A visual designer at Designit, Sara Enríquez has a strong style that translates across a range of mediums. She has created quirky Wes Anderson-themed type, provided art direction for Nike, and worked on a Christmas campaign for Kiss FM.

60. Fabian De Lange

Art director, typographer and graphic designer, Fabian De Lange, has created an eclectic mix of projects for clients in numerous creative fields, from fashion to music. Key projects in his portfolio include Get Lost In The Music for Volkswagen and poster typography for Disney’s Cinderella.

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