Kaleidoscopic designs by Bram Vanhaeren offer inspirational colour pairings

After becoming completely transfixed on these mesmerising designs by Bram Vanhaeren, I felt I simply needed to share. Described as an "experimental colour study" by the artist, Kleurstaal aims to present fresh ideas for your next palette.

Vanhaeren explains: "Kleurstaal is a dutch translation for 'colour palette/language'. For me personally, it represents a lifestyle where you and I have more missions in life then one. Each colour represents a mission, and eventually turns into a vibrant colour palette."

Through swirling twists and turns, the colours, shapes and patterns present contrast and coordination.

Vanhaeren is a designer and maker based in Antwerp, Belgium. Selected as one of the most creative 'under 25s' globally by Adobe in 2014, he has since worked on projects for a whole host of clients including ESPN, Rolling Stone, BBC, Entertainment Weekly, Nike and Estrella Damm. Discover more at behance.net/BramVanhaeren.


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