Cinematic Cuba: Classic cars, old city streets and Cuban spirit captured by Stijn Hoekstra

After visiting Cuba last year, it will forever hold a special place in my heart. Alongside its beautiful beaches, vibrant music scene and unparalleled cool – thanks to the abundance of classic cars roaming the roads – its people are amongst the friendliest I've ever met.

Via direct submission. All images courtesy of Stijn Hoekstra

Via direct submission. All images courtesy of Stijn Hoekstra

Stijn Hoekstra, freelance photographer and cinematographer based in Amsterdam, clearly feels the same way.

After graduating in cinematography, Hoekstra became focused on street photography. For the last three years, he has undertaken projects for both big and small companies, working on various campaigns. However, the photographer's true passion is to travel and capture the unknown. This project, entitled Cinematic Cuba consists of street photography and portraits.

Hoekstra says: "As a cinematographer I'm always looking to get an interesting shot – framing and lighting is very important. In previous projects it was all about the streets, but for this project it was about capturing portrait shots of the Cuban people.

"Because of the old city streets and beautiful classic cars, I wanted to combine my Sony A7RII camera with old lenses from the 1970s to enhance that 'old' feeling Cuba gives you. The lenses worked great with beautiful bokeh and great flares."

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