Umer Ahmed's poster project The Brutalist is inspired by the iconic Ray Gun Magazine

Umer Ahmed is a graphic designer based in Oslo, Norway, and clearly a man with exceptional taste when it comes to design. Ahmed's day job sees him working as a designer at Neue Design Studio, and at other hours of the day he works on personal projects, sometimes under his alter-ego alias The Brutalist.

One of the fruits of this out of hours labour is this wonderful poster project, which pays homage to Ray Gun magazine and to the designers and art directors who were involved in that project.

"To date, it is my favourite magazine," says Ahmed. "My strength and interest lies heavily in typography, analogue methods and concept based design. Through this poster series I wanted to revisit the brutalist aesthetics of Ray Gun magazine, the experimentation of digital meets analogue.

"I enjoy working with minimal design, but to balance it out I feel the urge to sometimes forget the rules, or feel the urge to break all the rules at once, no grid, minimum legibility, and just chaos. Through these poster I express obscure feelings, and social oriented messages, may it be politics or music."

The series now numbers ten posters, and thankfully for us and the rest of the folk who enjoy looking at then, he's "not sure when I will stop."


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