Cool Cats: Colourful, handmade paper collages exemplify feline fashion

There's a reason that 'cool cat' is a phrase. Love them or loathe them, felines have a way of maintaining an air of confidence that is unparalleled in any other species.

This forms the main inspiration for Peruvian paper artist Kike Congrains' fun works. Using glue, scissors, a knife, coloured paper and old magazines, the cat portraits are handmade, with each having a unique personality and style.

From a heavy metal-inspired tabby to a rock chick shorthair, the collages are guaranteed to make you smile.

Congrains' previous works include sea-creatures, pop cultural characters and vintage imagery. When speaking about his inspiration, he recently told Peru This Week magazine: "Collage is an art form that doesn’t need previous experience or any training in art whatsoever, everybody has done one in some moment of their life even if they didn’t know they were making a collage."

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