I Wish: calligraphic mural by Seb Lester pays tribute to Persian poet Hafez

When you're seeking inspiration for your creative work, just finding something you like isn't always enough. Something you love, something that makes a real emotional connection, will work much better in spurring you to create something special yourself. And lettering artist Seb Lester, one of the best-known calligraphers in the world, offers a great example in the form of his new print and related mural, 'I Wish'.

"Sometimes the starting point for a print is that I read a piece of poetry or prose, and it moves me to the point that I feel a need to produce a piece of art, something that attempts to interpret and accentuate the meaning I find in the words," he explains. And this time he found it in the form of Hafez (aka Hafiz), the celebrated Persian poet of the Middle Ages.

"His timeless poetry transcends cultures, borders and politics because it's about the human condition," explains Seb. "Writing about love, loss, spirituality and protest, he powerfully expresses the intensity of life, in all of its beauty and suffering."

Seb produced the 'I Wish' mural for the London Mural Festival, which runs throughout September; you can find it at 10 John St, Holborn, WC1N 2EB. It's also available as two limited edition prints, signed and numbers by the artist, at his website.


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