Pentagram's dynamic branding reflects the pioneering nature of AI company Satalia

You might think of artificial intelligence (AI) as something that only appears in sci-fi movies. But AI is fast becoming part of the mainstream world, and Satalia is a London-based company pioneering its use within business, workplaces and society.

Designed by Jody Hudson-Powell and Luke Powell of Pentagram, the brand identity for Satalia has been built around a core 'timeline' animation and image library, representing the progression of individual functional solutions to transformative organisational and societal perspectives.

Mirroring Satalia's decentralised structure, individual columns of motion and colour are stacked together to form a shared collective vista. The primary colour palette is black and white, with waves of contrasting, bright gradients moving through the space, and refracted to create an infinite spectrum of possibilities, with dynamic movement showing the adaptable and responsive nature of Satalia's products and structure.

Graphic elements

The bespoke wordmark reflects the timeline motif by featuring strong vertical strokes and reductive character constructions that are matched with grotesque detailing to pair with the brand font, Untitled Sans, a modern and tonally minimal grotesque style.

The brand symbol is a simple, graphic, uppercase lambda, Λ, typographically matched to the wordmark. The glyph is a fundamental element of Satalia's algorithmic concepts, and the brand symbol forms a bold and recognisable stamp at large and small sizes when placed within the verticality of the design language.

The broader graphic language also complements the timeline through its use of vertical gridlines. It all adds up to a simple, robust layout system that not only allows structured and rational presentation of content but, like the timeline, can scale in column width and form a minimal background for dynamic typographic composition.


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