Hello Mello: Meet Steven Harrington's new psychedelic-pop palm tree sculpture

Cited as the "leader of a contemporary Californian psychedelic-pop aesthetic", Los Angeles–based artist and designer Steven Harrington has just launched Hello Mello, a 12-foot palm tree sculpture which is being unveiled at the Strawberry Festival in Shanghai's Expo Park.

Just like all his work, there's a timeless quality to the playful yet contemplative piece, which is inspired by California’s mystique, vastly diverse landscape, and thriving mix of cultures. Embracing a multimedia approach, Harrington’s portfolio includes large-scale installations made of plaster and stone, hand-screened prints, limited-edition books, skateboards, and sculptures. Alongside his commercial work, Harrington has exhibited artwork in Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Berlin, Milan, Barcelona, Tokyo, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, Montreal, Melbourne, and Dallas.

Fancy getting your mitts on Hello Mello, but don't quite have the space at home? You'll be glad to know that an 11-inch sculpture will be going on sale to the public this Friday on Steve's official website.